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 Recruit Employees 

At G-Nius, we are committed to delivering outstanding results for your recruitment needs by offering a high quality pool of reliable and capable candidates for your vacant position. We pride ourselves on our dynamic team of experienced consultants who provide in-depth knowledge on various industries and market sectors. More importantly, they know how vital best practice recruitment is to your business success in a foreign country.

Recruitment Services

Successful Recruitment, Step-by-Step

  1. Job intake
    We want to know everything: hard & soft skills required and company culture. We visit the future working site, have an extensive intake with hiring managers and use the Thomas Job tool for clarifying personality profile.

  2. Search 
    We use an active search strategy. Both open resources and our own database of interviewed profiles are searched for direct candidates and primary network referral contacts.

  3. Selection
    With each prospective candidate a personal interview is conducted. The interviews are non scripted conversations, executed by seasoned recruiters who have a proven track record of being able to determine fit for hard and soft skills as well as personality.

  4. Presentation
    Shortlisted candidates are presented to you in a clear format, with short and to-the-point supporting information from our recruiters, who are standby and ready to provide any additional information required to help you make a choice when choosing candidates for your interview.

  5. Interview support
    Our recruiters support both candidate and client in all the operational matters that need to be arranged for having a comfortable and effective interview. When required our recruiters are also available to attend these interviews.

  6. Hiring support
    Once you have reached agreement with the preferred candidate our recruiters will support a seamless onboarding experience for both client and candidate.

Additional Services 

  • Customized assessments

  • Extensive background checks

  • Work permit & visa support

  • Payroll and EOR solutions

Partner Services

  • Mobility services

  • Legal support

  • Tax services

  • Setting up a local entity

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