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G-Nius | Payroll Outsourcing Services

 Payroll Outsourcing 

Our Payroll Outsourcing services relieve your company from attending to the related day-to-day payroll routines, so that you can direct your time and effort to other corporate matters while maintaining control of your payroll and HR admin process. Our dedicated payroll accounting professionals will provide the highest quality service with the best tailored solution.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Standard Service

  • Enrolling/onboarding support

  • Payroll calculation and preparation of payment orders

  • HR documents and assistance in HR workflow organization

  • Calculation of social charges, preparation of Social Returns and submission of the returns to Pension and Social Funds

  • Employment agreements, internal HR policies & legal advising 

  • Review of mandatory HR documents for compliance with labor legislation and internal procedures 

Additional Services

  • Recruitment

  • Work permit & visa support

Partner Services

  • Mobility services

  • Legal support

  • Tax services

  • Setting up a local entity

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