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G-Nius Hiring & Payroll Solutions | Central Asia

 Central Asia 

Through our G-Nius Hiring Solutions we support your expansion in Central Asia without the need for you to establish a local entity. We compliantly hire and onboard your employees on your behalf. Whether you need a single employee for a short-term project or a whole team for a longer-term presence, you retain total employee oversight while we oversee all payroll, compliance, and risk mitigation considerations. 

G-Nius Services in Central Asia

G-Nius Hiring & Payroll Solutions | Employer of Record (EOR) Services

G-Nius handles:

+ Employee onboarding

+ Employee payroll

+ Employee salary payments


G-Nius ensures:​

+ Compliance

G-Nius Hiring & Payroll Solutions | Contractor Management Services

G-Nius handles:

+ Contractor screening

+ Contractor hiring

+ Contractor payments

G-Nius ensures:​

+ Compliance

At the Meeting Room

G-Nius recruits:

+ Local candidates

+ on middle/senior positions

+ for international companies

G-Nius ensures:​

+ Reliable, capable candidates

Central Asia: Countries


G-Nius Central Asia office

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